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Ok, the Packmayr mount is arrived, look like new, marked "for mauser action", from first dry run look like it could fit fine... if require a little shim not a problem... also found a scope: early generation bushnell scopechief 3-9x32 BDC the bell is not big and that is good, but the bolt handle must go and replaced with one with lower clearance, also not a problem.

Re installation I need suggestions, never installed a side base before.

This is how I would proceed if not having a better way suggested:
-Put the scope with adjustment 0-0 on the mount ( so I could benefit full adjustment either way on the scope later) .
-Position and clamp scoped mount on the action aligned with bore sighter and mark the holes.
-Drill, tap,(8x40) install verify and shim if required
-Test fire and final scope adjustment
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