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What exactly do you want to use it for, and do you have any previous rifle experience?
That is my question pretty much. If you want a target rifle I think you can get the same thing done a little cheaper but still a good rifle for that. If you want it for hunting pass on it as it is too heavy 15.5 lbs without optics, especially if you want to carry it around for spot and stalk and still hunting. Previous rifle experience doesn't really matter to me as I feel most people buy what they think they want, so I'm over asking that one.

likes,dislikes,problems.reload info
Likes: It is a Savage it will shoot and be accurate as long as you are.

Dislikes: Heavy, heavy, heavy, by the time you add rings, scope, and bi-pod you have a 17+ lb rifle. It is built for the "Taticool" crowd with all the extra accessory rails, not the practical crowd or LE as they are labeled. I can see the long rail on top of the barrel to work with some night vision, the ones on the sides are there just to add crap you'll never use or need in the real world. Instead of a muzzle brake on the .308 and .300 Win versions I'd like to see just a thread protector, at the weight they are there is no need for a loud brake, but I wouldn't mind putting a "can" on them.

Reloads: If you buy it you'll have to figure out what your rifle likes.

How accurate are they in 300 win mag
How far out do you shoot
How accurate and how far they shoot: That is all dependant on what you are capable of. I can give you max range that a .300 Win Mag will throw a bullet, but that isn't what you are wanting to know. You'll figure it out for yourself when you settle in behind it and start shooting, and you'll find your max range as well. Once you know that you can start working on improving both.
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