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"... one of the has been shooting competition for years The other has never picked up a gun in his life ..."
Kind of a false dichotomy, duncha think? I think we'd all agree that someone with significant trigger time would fare better than someone without any at all ... assuming that the problem can be solved by shooting.

And that's the real rub now, isn't it? "Self Defense" embodies a whole lot of things which don't necessarily have anything to do with weapons skills. It's very easy to see everything as a gun fight, because we all have an affinity in that regard.

The brother who has been shooting competition for years ... he's probably not been using cover effectively or having any concern for rounds coming back the other way. That's not the way he has "trained" ... for years. Is he suddenly going to "rise to the occasion" or reflexively do what he has been doing over-n-over-n-over? Is this a quickdraw competition? Can he outdraw a gun already pointed in? I doubt it.

The question is not one of whether or not competition is of benefit. Clearly it is. The issue is more to the effect of what benefits are gained, and what potential problems should be guarded against owning to possibly inculcating a competition mindset versus one better suited to self defense?

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