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What you're missing is that many, if not most, of the lock haters deep down hate the lock because of politics or looks more than actual documented problems with it. They resent the lock out of general principle rather than because of actual problems though they often try to blow the very few documented cases of the lock causing problems out of proportion in order to justify their own emotional response.

My emotional response is that I do not want a gun with a hole in the side where a lock used to be. I would no more buy such a gun with that hole than I would if someone took a pre-lock S&W and drilled a hole in the frame. On the other hand, I have a Taurus with a lock that is subtlety placed in the hammer of the gun that does not trigger a negative emotional response. I will buy no gun with a gaping hole in the frame as long as there are plenty of used S&W's available.
Like I said, looks. If you don't like the look of it, that's fine as long as you're honest about it. I personally think that a full underlug on anything but a Colt Python is hideous, but I don't go around telling people that guns with full underlugs are of sub-par quality or unreliable. Looks is a matter of personal preference that there's no point arguing about. The people I take issue with are the ones that try to justify their personal preferences by blowing the lock stories out of proportion.
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