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Tom Servse closesa a post with the followeing:

TL;DR: everybody but Holder gets their posterior in a sling over this. What's going to happen to them? Given what we've seen so far, criminal prosecution is unlikely. Many won't even lose their jobs.

Still, it's out there.
I suspect that there will be nothing in the way of criminal prosecution of those responsible for Operation Fast & Furious, which strikes me as the saddest aspect of the mess that is/was Operation F & F. Likely, nobody will loose their jobs either. As for Mr. Melson, I sujspect that he will sail off to a glorious, financially comfortable, in part publically funded retirement, which is anoither sad aspect of this entire business. As for Mr. Holder himself, he is receiving, and will receive, from his "basketbasll buddy" all the cover he is likely to ever need.
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