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The Standard Catalog of Firearms does not provide the estimated value of the skeet set. The book lists the Superposed grade 1 Standard Weight 12 ga ( marked Lightning on the frame) NIB @ $3700. The note: 20ga add 45%. 28 ga add 90%.(1959 only). Trap deduct 40%. standard weight 12 ga deduct 10%. As you can see there are many variables that would dramatically increase or decrease the guns value. Not to put the LGS owner or counter person down, but i would contact a true gun appraiser. I have had very good help on the net at Shotgun World. Another good source of info is the 33rd edition of the Blue Book Of Gun Values. Remember the estimated gun values are retail value sales to private individuals, LGS shops will normally offer only 50 to 75 %, in my area, of the estimated value.
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