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@Rovert, I apologize for revisiting the law thing again, but I think that @allaroundhunter's statement requires a response. Then I'll shut up. Promise.

@allaroundhunter, The section you quoted on necessity is one of a few sections that provide the general rationale for justifying otherwise criminal conduct which is the subject of chapter 9. When there is no specific applicable section in the chapter on justification, these sections can be used to fill in the gaps.

However, there are very specific provision concering the justifiable use of force. You must - at a minimum - read section 9.32 (Deadly Force) and 9.31 (Force). These are the sections that will apply if force is used. Stripped of the Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine provisions, it's pretty much the same as anywhere else in the country. If you want to understand what a defense is and what a presumption is, you will also need to read part of chapter 2. It's really chapter 2 that gives the law in Texas its own special flavor.

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