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Let's hear from someone who's guns do work in their dreams..

The last gun dream I had was that I had went back to Columbus where I'm from to visit. Everyone I knew was at work so I decided to cruise the old haunts. I went into an apt building I used to live at to look around and up on the 3rd floor I get approached by a young punk who says oh you made a mistake now and come at me. So I draw and put two in him just as pretty as you please. Everything worked and he fell down right away. A totally righteous shoot.

So the rest of the dream was me trying to distance myself from the scene and the police. I was running thru alleys and turning corners like mad with this overwhelming feeling that I have to get away so the police dont get me. I ran until I woke up.

It was a good shoot but I felt the need to run. Does this mean I don't have confidence in the Police? LOL
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