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4. Contact local sheriff/police and ask if there is anything you can do to help.
Dunno 'bout your area, but most rural volunteer Fire Districts and Rescue Squads are understaffed, under-appreciated and unpaid.

The training is good (medical training is far more useful in real world terms than gunfighting skills) and is usually paid for ..... the comraderie is great, for those who are committed and contribute.

I know from experience that cutting someone out of a car and taking them to the hospital, and seeing them walking and talking again is very rewarding. So is saving somone's home and belongings....... "winning" a gun fight is an imperative, yes, but would be, I think, at best, a mixed blessing.

It's not all roses- I have seen some really disturbing things, had some very long nights, witnessed incredible stupidity and it's bloody results..... I would not give it up: Somebody ought to do it, and I'm not about to let someone else pull my weight, or advocate for something I'm unwilling to do, so long as I am able.
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