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The report is exactly what we expected -- a whitewash and a diversion. Did anyone seriously expect the agency's own IG to come out and declare that the AG himself (the boss, in other words) has dirty hands? Anyone writing such a report would be out of a job, and out a career with the Feral government. He'd be lucky to find a job at a car wash in Ames, Iowa.

So the report names a bunch of mid-level managers and street-level operatives, and concludes that they didn't treat the case seriously enough. No mention of the fundamental fact that the operation could not possibly have accomplish its purported goals because the operation did not include any assets or mechanisms for following the guns once they crossed into Mexico.

Irrespective of the report's conclusions, it should be (IMHO) obvious to anyone with half a brain that the intent of such an operation COULD NOT have been what they claim it was, but COULD have been (and almost certainly was) to ensure that more guns traceable to the U.S. were used in crimes in Mexico so the Obama administration could join the Mexican government in bemoaning the "river" of illegal guns being trafficked from the U.S. into Mexico. They were already claiming this ... right up until the killing of Brian Terry led to some whistle blowers opening the lid on Pandora's box.

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