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Before you jump in google shotshell reloading calculator. Plug in the prices you find for components. Now go to Wal-Mart and find clay target loads at 5.25 a box. Your choice.
Yeah, what you get is the cheapest crap they can find anywhere. Cheap non-reloadable hulls, hard plastic wads, soft pure lead shot and the fastest powder available,(so you can use less of it). Those el-cheapo shells go bang and MAY break a claybird, or kill small game.

Sure, you can load shells just like those, but why would you WANT to.

Try to buy the best, like the Remington STS, Winchester AA or Federal gold medal. THEN load those excellent empty hulls with premium wads, Magnum hard shot, good powder and soft plastic wads triggered by a decent primer. You'll break more birds, or harvest more game. And do it cheaper than the original load.

Now price some name brand field game loads. Better be prepared with some smelling salts! Oh yes you can load field loads with that reloader. AND save a bunch of money.
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