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School me on Red-dot sights!

I don't mean the big tubular models, I mean the small "L" shaped, single lens models.

Firstly, they are small: why are they so expensive?!

Secondly, how do they fair in dark conditions?
I had once been told that FO sights are quite clearly visible in low light, but since fitting them to my MkIII 512, I can't say I agree.

Thirdly, do they need to be "zero'ed" as per a scope or could a red-dot be whipped off my MkIII and bolted on my Redhawk (rail permitting) should I be in the mood to shoot that?

Were I to get a red-dot, I would be tempted to put it on my Redhawk.
This is my woods gun. The original sights I have painted with glow-in-the-dark paint, but I still feel target acquisition is slow.

This is no doubt partly practice, but if a compact red-dot sight were to make that faster, that would be good.

My MkIII would be a candidate for it too, if swapping is feasible.
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