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I loaded on a Load-All for twenty years without issue. I kept myself and three boys in shotgun shells for each of those seasons. Never had a problem with the Load-All. I also had an old Texan reloader and couldn't tell the difference in the finished product. They all loaded, shot, ejected fine.

If I were taking up shotshell reloading again, I'd get a Load-All and load for another twenty years.
When I said the lee was flimsy and crude, I said that from experience. Back in the early 80's, I had a 12 ga MEC, but wanted to load 20 ga. SOoo I bought a lee. Sloppy crimps, no way to measure wad pressure, the final crimp station is one-piece, their primer feed is a joke. I was spoiled, no two ways about it. My mec did a beautiful job of loading, the lee did not.

Those that love the lee would be amazed at how well a MEC 600 jr. works. For someone just starting out, a progressive MEC would be too steep a learning curve. Too many things going on at the same time.
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