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Yeah the T's command a high price and they are usually worth it. The key is not to over pay for any Hi power. Ts are only worth the extra coin if you are looking for a collector piece and they need to be unshot or LNIB with everything or you are over paying. IMHO

I have had a lot of Hi powers move in and out of the collection. I am still looking for a unmolested alloy framed gun. I have a family member who has a nice T series which eventually will be part of my collection but there is no rush.

If I found a T for the right price I would buy it but I personally will not pay what most people ask.....

I am sending the Practical off to Don Williams at Action Works one of these days. I will get it customized into a one of a kind gun built for me. I would rather pay for that then a collector piece. YMMV
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