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I wouldn't be happy at all going all Glock, but I have limited myself by caliber. I only load:
38 spcl
357 mag
40 S&W
45 ACP
45 Colt
I cannot limit by platform or brand as I just don't like some and most are inefficient at one caliber or another. I could probably limit to DAO auto's and revolvers, but I just feel like I'm really dressed up with a 1911 on compared to having my S&W 640 or Kahr P40 with me. Those are working guns. 1911's feel like BBQ guns that work to me!

Doesn't sound like I'm eliminating much, but if I didn't do this, I would have added:
44 spcl
44 mag
357 sig

You see, I'm a sucker for that little nitch which each caliber can fill. Every caliber is a minimum or $70 in reloading equip and possibly another powder and bullet type. . .urrgh.

I'm trying to reduce powders. I swore off Titegroup, but just bought some more. I mean, can't:
load all handguns. . .well, no! Titegroup makes a nice cast bullet powder in 38, 357, 45 Colt, 45 ACP Arrgh! I give up. Maybe I can put H110 away for Longshot in 45 Colt. Those H110 loads are too much to really call fun, but who can argue with 1.8" 25 yd groups!

I thought I was set for rifle, but of coursse now I'm trying CFE223 and CCI #41's with my 5.56 loads! Why weren't CCI400's and Benchmark good enough!

I refuse to touch my R19 and 190 Berger 300WSM load. 1/2" at 100 is good enough for a factory Savage!
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