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I have fired an Arsenal Saiga. And, have owned/fired Saigas in several calibers. If you have the money and want "closest" to a real AK, the Arsenal is probably best pick. If you just want to shoot the caliber in an AK wanna be, the Saiga is just fine. They are very reliable and there are plenty of aftermarket goodies available. They will both give you plenty of fun. Once I began shooting 5.45x39, factory Saiga and CAI M74, my 7.62x39s stay home most of the time. All I do is punch paper and blow up water jugs, usually. The 5.45x39 is surprisingly more accurate out to 200yds... even with spam can ammo. I have a fixed 6x Vortex scope on a Belarus QR mount. The recoil from the 5.45x39 is light enough that you can rapid fire decent groups at 200yds...damn little holes need a spotting scope though! Good luck with wheichever you get, they are both fun.
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