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Variaty is the Spice of Life

I am pretty much a revolver fan. I conceal carry several different ones. I carry J. K, L, and N Frame Smith & Wessons, plus an LCR. Even though carrying several different revolvers, I carry everyone of them at 4 O'Clock. I carry either one or two reloads infront of the holster on the belt with my revolvers.

I think the most important thing is carrying everything in the same place all the time.

I carry Moon Clip Reloads for my 442 Pro Moonclip, 310 Night Guard, 3" 625, and 610. I carry Safariland Comp II Speedloaders for my 315 Night Guard, 3" 66-2, 64, and my 686.

I also carry my 1911 Colt some. I carry 2 spare magazines for it on the weak side hip. The same place I have carried my 1911 magazines for the last 40 years.

I have no problem transitioning between 1911 Clips, Moon Clips, and Speedloaders. I also shoot all of them in Defensive Pistol matches.

I might be a little quicker if I only had a single handgun to work with. However I like different things about every handgun I own. If I didn't I would trade them in on something I liked better.
Infact I have a trade pending. I am trading my old 2-1/2" 66 ND which was superceded in my concealed carry rotation by my 3" 66-2, for a clean as a pin 2" 15-4. A buddy is wanting my Round Butt 66 to mount his Crimson Trace Laser grip on. I need to rescue the 99% 15-4 Square Butt from his desk drawer at work before he hurts it. Besides I have never had a 15 Snub before.

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