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Columbine shooters had a well worked out bomb plot that failed because they didn't have the techy know-how for the bombs. That was sophisticated compared to just shooting up the place -that wasn't their plan.

Some shooters have set up to hit the fleeing victims.

Cho and Aurora certainly showed planning.
Glenn, sure, but the notion of "sophistication" when compared to completely unplanned or scatterbrained attacks isn't much of a comparison. It sort of reminds me of how cops are generally set up to deal with the LCD of bad guys which often show a low level of competence and preparation, but when going up against competent bad guys who prepared in advance, the cops often suffer. The standard against which sophistication, preparation, and competence are compared is really pretty darned low.

What would be a guarantee?

At the least, each of the above passed a criminal background check.
Right. Ayoob and a variety of other professionals are being responsible and doing due diligence in making sure to the reasonable best of their abilities to not train bad guys. Besides, nobody said it was a guarantee.

Yep. I have a pretty specific idea what "rampager" calls to my mind ... something different than what Glenn has explained. That's why there can appear to be a disagreement, where there isn't one.
Mass, rampage, spree, serial, and similar other multiple terms often bring confusion and there is often overlap in categories and whether one falls into one category or not sometimes depends on how you look at the situation and who is defining it. As seen here, folks don't even agree on what the categories mean and so have trouble with discussing them.
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