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MEC sells the best loaders on the market...single stage and progressive in my view....and they are easily sold later ..if you don't want them.

The lowest model I'd recommend is the Grabber....its progressive / but manually indexed its pretty basic / but a good value.

New they're about $ 375 ...and I've seen them around used ...for $ 250 or so ...

All of the MEC loaders can be mounted to a 2" X 18" plank ....clamped to a good bench / or even a portable bench ....then just cover them with an old pillow case when you're done / put them on a shelf. I did that for many years...and still have the Grabber models I purchased in the 1970's was rebuilt for $ 100 ...and I'll give it to one of my adult kids pretty soon it'll stay around for another generation or two ....
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