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No - you can't tell which ones are bad....

No - don't fire any of those shells....

Quit using this guy .......
yes, it is possible to double charge a 12ga shell with powder - and not see any physical change in the shell..not even bulging of the case.

A buddy and I did it purely as a test - to evaluate our risk/and to settle the discussion that it couldn't be done.... We were both able to double charge a 12ga Rem STS hull - using a 1oz and a 1 1/8 oz charge of shot ...and Hodgdon Clays powder.

my buddy uses a hydraulic - Spolar Gold loader / and I use a MEC 9000 HN hydraulic loader....neither loader whimpered when we did it ...none of the shells showed any deviation in the crimps ..or deforming of the hulls.

Maybe the hydraulics helped the powder compact under the wad ...not sure.
This also should not happen ! Both of our loaders auto index hulls as they go thru 6 stations...powder is dropped in #2 / then wad and shot in #3 ..and then the crimp is done in 3 stations ( 4, 5 and 6 ) at least on the MEC 9000 HN.

Any loader - when this happens / the shell can be removed as you see it for some reason don't have to complete the shell. It would probably have to be human error that caused it / to put a shell with powder in it ...back into station 2 - and have a 2nd drop of powder go into the hull. The loader could jam - maybe - and a double charge might result...but any guy with experience, would have stopped it ...checked everything before he started it up again.

Just no reason for it ...and my 9000 HN produces close to 15 boxes and hour...without me breaking a sweat.../ and I reload 10,000 shells a yr easily --- when I was competing more, I loaded 30,000 or more shells a yr easily ....all for my own use - and my kids and grandkids.../ I'd never sell reloads..../ but some reloader saying - he just didn't get it stopped in time - and they dropped into the a very poor practictioner - in my opinion.

I've been reloading for over 50 yrs ...started when I was about 10 - with both metallic and shotshells...on single stage loaders with my grandpa...and today in shotshells alone, I load 12ga, 20ga, 28ga and .410 ...and about 7 calibers for handguns in metallic ...

Double charging a hull ...would be easy to do in a single stage operation / not that easy to do in a typical auto indexing progressive machine ( if the press was clean, properly lubed, and the operator knew what he or she was doing and paying attention to what they were doing ) ! and in 50+ yrs I've never done it ...other than for this test....

running out of powder in the hopper on the press....and ending up with a common idiot mistake .....( and its dangerous as well ...) but not as bad as a double charge...

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