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I have some 150gr Winchester PSP hunting ammo and while the bullet is right the rifle only shoots three inch groups @ 100 with them (with irons).

If the lay of the land hasn't changed too much in the last couple of months, I'll be in tall juniper and sagebrush, longer shots will be at most 100 yards. I am scouting this weekend.

What is it you guys are worried about? Lack of expansion or too much/fragmentation? At 100 yards using irons, the 150gr bullet is almost flat—.75 inch drop—and still doing 2kfps.

Can someone explain to me what it is about 1400flbs @ 100 yards that won't take a 300-to-400 pound cow. Heaven forbid I shoot her in the noggin or neck/CNS.

I appreciate your comments about the wood preservation... thank you.

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