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Here's hoping you miss.

Thanks for your contribution. Take that attitude to another thread if you don't mind.
I could be wrong, but I took that as a failed attempt at humor, not an attack on your choice of rifles.

It wouldn't be my first choice in chamberings, but if it is what I had, I'd go hunting with the best ammo I could find, limit the range I took shots and work on accurtely putting the bullet in the right spot.

As far as weatherproofing a wood stock, it ain't going to happen. Folks spend too much time worrying about such things. Even if you could somehow get it completely waterproof, there is about 10-20% of the stocks weight in water trapped inside when the blank is cut out, made into a stock and finished. If they remove any more moisture than that at the kiln the stock would be so brittle it would break like a matchstick.

Folks forget about this moisture, and that is what causes most of the problems. As temperature, altitude, and humidity change the moisture inside the stock expands and contracts. Most of the time it is not enough to hurt, at times it is enough to cause small changes in your bullets impact. In very rare cases I've seen wood crack and split. All the waterproofing in the world won't prevent this. Just go hunting and enjoy.
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