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Small Primers in .45 ACP

Who besides Blazer and Fiocchi who else uses small pistol primers in their 45 ACP ammo? I seem to have about a 5% ratio of small pistol primer mixed in with some used mixed brass I bought. I thought the press was messing up till I figured out the problem. The only two brands I have found using small pistol primers are these two.

And can someone recommend a good bullet puller. I am worried that I might have some doubled powder loads. I don't want to throw away everything.

I also gave up trying to use the case feeder on my Lee Load-Master. I am tired of trying to keep the #$%&* thing adjusted. I seem to be getting a lot more done be hand feeding the cases and have much better control on the process. Yes Yes I know if I adjust it correctly and properly lube it it, it will speed up my loading. I decided I do not need to load at a rate of 50 rounds a minute, so I will go for comfort and less aggravation.

So I just had to get that off my chest, 6 months of fiddling finally did me in and I may have thrown some double loads working with the blasted case feeder.

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