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I haven't been able to find a place that has the Possum Hollow trimmer and power adapter so I can order both. Anyone have any idea's ?
Yeah, the Possum Hollow pieces can be real hard to find in stock. Do a google search and check all the possible dealers, it's hit or miss any time of the year.

Just as a note, the PH trimmer will require you to chamfer and deburr and there's no way around it. And the power adapter is a must have, the PH trimmer is not effective at all with just hand power.

You can get the adapter easily enough, Sinclair Intl carries them all the time and also has a deal if you get one of their chamfer/deburr tools with the adapter you get a few bucks off the price. That adapter works just fine with the PH.

It's also worth checking out the "World's Finest Trimmer" which looks to be similar to the PH trimmer, but a bit more expensive.

edit; was looking on Midway and decided to search for the Possum Hollow and by god - it's in stock! I don't think I've ever seen it in stock there. If you want one, drop everything and order it now.

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