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Originally Posted by allaroundhunter
If I am justified in using my pepper spray, it pretty much means that I am justified in using lethal force as well.
Careful! That's not legally correct in all cases and especially not in all states. I'd caution you about the "pretty much" part of your statement. Check with a lawyer in your jurisdiction. Regarding your view on home intrusion, do you see no situation where spraying an intruder as an option or prelude to shooting him/her is a potentially preferable solution?

Originally Posted by ClydeFrog
The non-lethal or less-than-lethal topics/remarks are not considered "firearms related".
Which is why I pose the question specifically as it relates to firearms where I asked: "I was wondering if any of you have added, or have been considering, an NLD solution in tandem with your firearm(s) of choice, be it a handgun, shotgun or rifle."

Originally Posted by MLeake
I am pretty sure that impact weapons and tactical pens are considered "deadly," not "non-lethal" nor "less-than-lethal."
Kindly note I inquired ONLY after Pepper/Chemical Spray or Taser.
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