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Affulent and secluded

Well being that the community in question is a ski resort. Affulence should come as no supprise. There are pleanty of homes and condos here that are vacant all spring and summer. If the owner comes to them once a month they are lucky. Then again there are flat screen tvs and other electronics as well as some very expensive dishware.

This is however a rare occasion in that the BGs broke into the only obviously occupied home on that street. Either they knew something was present that they wanted to steal or they actually ment to harm someone.

Break ins are not uncommon here. Normally they find a nice home on a secluded street that is obviously vacant. They head out at night and empty the place. Insurance pays the tab owners aren't hurt and they sign a managment contract with myself or one of my competitiors. (homes that are not professionally managed tend to show it from the outside IE gras is too long and there is never a truck in the driveway.)

My point is that this is the first "home invasion" type situation as supposed to your typical run of the mill robbery.

Regards, Vermonter

This was 4 am on a vacant street with say a dozen homes on it. They went to the only one with a car in the driveway and possibly a light of some sort on. (I cannot confirm weather or not lights were on but there had to be at least one car in the driveway.)
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