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I carry pepper spray.

In other words, we can't just blast someone for calling us a bad name, or shoving us while we wait in line for popcorn at the movies.
These are not necessarily situations in which you can legally use a taser or pepper spray, either. Unlike police officers, we (civilians) cannot use non-lethal force to gain compliance from another person; we use it as a line of defense from physical attack. I have never been shoved in line while at the movies, but I suppose that could be getting close to a situation in which I would employ pepper spray if the person was really looking for a fight.

If I am justified in using my pepper spray, it pretty much means that I am justified in using lethal force as well. Threatening a person with pepper spray carries the same charge as threatening them with a firearm. I will make the decision whether to use lethal force or pepper spray based on the situation, and the demeanor of the aggressor.

As an example, there is an intoxicated man approaching me, being very belligerent and threatening me. Depending on his level of intoxication (the more intoxicated he is, the less coordination and ability to land a punch), the situation could be de-escalated by using pepper spray instead of lethal force, even though if he makes one more step and takes a swing at me lethal force could very well be justified.

There may be many of you who are desirous of having a less-lethal option such as pepper spray or Taser / Stun Gun as an opportunity to give a moment of pause before the 'final option', even in a home defense scenario.
In my home, non-lethal force is not an option. An intruder will either comply, run, or force me to use lethal force.

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