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Non Lethal Options

I'm interested in hearing the viewpoints of those of you who have considered, might consider, or have already added, a NLD (Non Lethal Defense) option as part of your personal defensive strategy.

Though it's safe to say the vast majority of us here firmly believe in the right to self defense, there are still laws that oblige us to observe the Use Of Force continuum. In other words, we can't just blast someone for calling us a bad name, or shoving us while we wait in line for popcorn at the movies.

We all know laws vary from one state to the other and an engagement inside your home is far different than one outside. For instance, states like New Jersey have a 'retreat' requirement, and states like PA or FL have 'stand-your-ground' laws. Also, the Use Of Force (UOF) continuum differs depending on the scenario - either inside the home or out in public.

There may be many of you who are desirous of having a less-lethal option such as pepper spray or Taser / Stun Gun as an opportunity to give a moment of pause before the 'final option', even in a home defense scenario.

I was wondering if any of you have added, or have been considering, an NLD solution in tandem with your firearm(s) of choice, be it a handgun, shotgun or rifle. If so, what would it be, how would you employ it (weapon mount, pocket, etc) and under what scenarios do you envision having to use it?

Please confine your responses to Pepper Spray or Taser - something that can be used at standoff distances. I'm not looking for feedback on hand-to-hand stuff like martial arts or other methods.

Arguments pro and con are encouraged, let's just keep it civil.
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