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Now why would crime happen in nice, affluent neighborhoods?

Because the people who live there tend to have the nicest stuff to steal.
If you would have told me a year ago I would be reading about an armed home invasion in Highland Park, IL one of the safest suburbs in this area I would have called you a Liar. I think I have read about TWO of them in that area now just over the summer. The Northern Chicago burbs are my stompin ground; I grew up here. When I was younger this stuff did not happen; but slowly the criminals are starting to realize all these north shore; anti gun; BMW driving types are easy marks who don't even lock their doors! All they have to do (most of the time) is wait for dad to leave for the office and mom to leave with the kids, or better yet the whole lot to leave on a 2 week vacation. I guess in the two cases i read about the criminals wrongly thought everyone was gone.

My buddies mother was robbed while she was out of town for a month in Hawaii; its funny because they got a bunch of jewelry and cash but they did not find a big stash of his late fathers guns. My friends wife was lucky that she did not run into the robbers because she had been checking on the home 3 or 4 times a week to get the mail.
Anyways; her home is also in one of the safest suburbs around this area and to boot it is about 1 mile from the police station, you cannot drive by that area and not see a cop on traffic duty.

The only people who expect to be victims of violent crime are violent criminals(gang bangers) themselves; moral of the story be ready for anything.

I live in a part of California often referred to as "the bubble", because there is a lot of money and "nothing bad ever happens here".

We had the 6th break in burglary last week. That's 6 in less than 3 years.
I seem to remember the case of a guy in that area; maybe early to mid 2000's who shot 3 or 4 home invaders, didn't they try to railroad him? Can't seem to find a link I remember reading a couple of news stories about it a year or so after I moved to Florida in 2000.

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