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Remington 700 Stock Upgrade

I'm looking to upgrade my Rem 700 .308. The stock is on the top of my list. I was looking at the chaote ultimate varmiter and thought that was what I was going to get, but after getting a chance to look at one and handle it in person I think I'll pass. It seems to be a well built stock and no doubt better than the stock the gun came with, but I wasn't impressed with the feel or looks. I don't think I would be happy with it long term and I only want to buy 1. Now I'm looking at the HS Precision thumbhole or the Bell & Carlson A5. I don't know of anywhere locally to look at them so I figured I would ask my friends here that have either what their thoughts are. What did you think of the fit and finish? Was there really much difference in accuracy?

Also, if anyone has either of these stocks that they would be willing to part with I am looking to buy.

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