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Given your history, people's perceptions don't seem to have bothered you nearly as much in the past as they do now. Maybe it's the grandkids. I'm afraid I'm going the other way - the older I get the less I give a darn.
Yes, you're probably right about caring of the perception I put off nowadays versus my younger years. I feel the older I get the better example I should set for things I care about. Too, the older I get the more I appreciate/enjoy my rights and freedoms I have to bear arms, hunt etc. and am more aware of the various groups out there that are gaining strength trying to take my rights away from me.

Just don't want to be creative for them(the anti's) and give them any undo ammo to do that with. They will create enough of that on their own.

Father Time ,

I appreciate your comments about teaching people the art of shooting for SD but there sure is a lot more to shooting then SD. In my situation, while SD is a by-product of shooting, I'd rather introduce someone to the sport of shooting as a fun thing rather then put the emphasis on SD. Especially when dealing with kids.
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