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I am somewhere in the middle ground

I too have several handguns. I have two copies of glock G23 and G27. That is a great combo ccw and home defense common caliber and common mags etc etc. I am happy with them and I find that I could go all glock for sure except................

Because of varrying tempature and travel I find that those two alone do not cover all my bases. I also own a ruger LCP and some revolvers to round out the mixture.

This way no matter what my derss I can be armed even if LCP is all I can pull off something is better than nothing.

All of my guns have one thing in common. NO EXTERNAL SAFETIES I can pick up point and shoot all of them without manipulating anything but the trigger. I am not saying that the 1911 or other SA varations are a bad thing just simply that for me every gun I own can be fired DA without the use of a safety.

Common elements such as that are where my simalarities stop. While I own other variations including 1911 everything I carry can go bang with only the pull of the trigger.

I do see some value however in being familiar with every platform. Were you to end up in a situation where you were handed something by a friend or picked up something off an assaliant you should at the very least be able to make it safe and perhaps fight with it should the need arise.

It gets tossed around here alot but remember you will fight like you train.

Regards, Vermonter

PS Welcome to the party!
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