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Rajbcpa, I had the opportunity to purchase 22,000 cases in Yonkers, NY, cheap, with 22,000 cases it is impossible not to be able to match a few thousands cases by head stamp, then there were the different firing pin marks etc..

Why match head stamps? I go to the firing range with 12 different loads of 10 rounds each, with out different head stamps how is a reloader going to get his cases back into the same box after tumbling, leads me to believe there are those that claim they sort their cases, keep up with the number if times they are fired etc..

Then there is the time I went to the range and found myself standing next to ‘another?’ reloader. He was doing everything he could do to pull the trigger on his Model 66 S&W, he could not pull the trigger, he could not pull the hammer back, he could not rotate the cylinder. And I ask “Can I help you?”. He explained he had a problem and all he needed to do was pull the trigger etc., etc.. I explained to him I knew why he could not pull the trigger, I explained to him my interest was in what caused the the pistol to lock up.

He had a bullet stuck between the barrel and cylinder, he had loaded one round without powder, he claimed he used a Dillon 550B, anyhow I upset him, another shooter and I drove the bullet back into the case and then immediately he wanted to resume without regards to safety to himself, and the two shooters on each side of him. He did not know if one case got no powder and the next one got all of it. He did not know if he got powder in any of the cases he loaded, so, we offered him all the ammo he could shoot for free, and that upset him more, I suggested he weigh the components as in primer, case powder and bullet, total the weight then use the weight to compare the weight to his loaded round, then we discussed scales, I offered to weight his cases, I offered to loan him a set of scales and I offered to help him become more familiar with with his Dillon 550B.

Back to sorting brass by head stamp, if the reloader does not know the weight of the case how are they going to randomly weight cases to see if they have enough powder or too much powder.

There is nothing like reloading without a plan, the shooter boxed his stuff up and left, the shooter on the other side of him is one of the most disciplined reloader I know, he was more curt than I was. He said that man was not going to shoot another round while he was standing next to him.

Back in the 60s a reloader purchases 500 rounds, same head stamp, same lot in bulk, he sorted, measured, fired, sorted and measured again, when he finished he declared 47 +/- a few cases were perfect, the rest had measurable difference, some of the rejects? could be indexed with predictable results.

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