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sometimes things happen that horrify us...

my 1st carry gun was an air lite S&W J frame in 32 H&R Mag... ( black )... my lesson learned, was with a cheap Uncle Mikes nylon holster ( because that was the only holster the LGS had on hand, & I wanted to get started carrying right away )... the 1st time I got out of my 4X4 pick up, the gun came out of the holster & skittered across the parking lot ( the black "painted" aluminum frame had some nasty chips & gouges in it... 2nd time it happened, I retired the Uncle Mikes, but the gun was IMO, "beyond charictor"... at least with the polished stainless finish, all but the deep gouges could have been polished out... ( now I'm almost embarassed to carry that lil J frame, because of the finish damage, not because of the "charictor"

& as far as finish wear, I'm actually OK with that only on my CAS guns ( don't want to look like a total newbie )... otherwise my goal is to keep them all as nice looking as possible
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