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Mindset: It will never happen here.

Above from Rutland Herald. Sometimes it charges for access to articles.
I have posted here in the past about building clearinig as well as other T&T topics. I live outside of the resort town here where the properties are not left unoccupied until winter. I have been counseled here by some very knowledgeable folks and for that I am truly greatful. This home is exactly one home away from one I manage. If these folks had picked the next driveway my phone could well have been ringing to go shut off the alarm system.

I have learned a good many things here on T&T and I am greatful to everyone who has contributed. The most useful thing I have learned is to not fall into that sleepy little town mindset of "That will never happen here"

So if you are in a sleepy little town somewhere thinking things like "That will never happen here" let this be a lesson to you.

Kind Regards, Vermonter

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