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VZ22, VZ24? It is not fair, I have have installed barrels with 270 Winchester chambers on VZ22 and VZ24 Actions with no modifications, I have installed barrels with 30/06 chambers on the same actions, I have chambered 8mm57 chambers to 8mm06 chambers, again, I am not the fan of seating my bullets .001” off the lands, I am the fan of the running start, I want my bullets to have a running start.

Not fair, I make no special effort in picking an action/rifle to build, again, not fair to others.

Then there were the 7mm rifles converted to 30/06, for those that need the longer magazine go dig and good luck. I purchased 4 of them, I was informed they were suspect? The rifles wore out the original 7mm barrel, then they were converted to 30/06 and wore out that barrel. With 4 bolts and 4 receivers the effect receiver had on the length of the chamber with any combination of different bolts was .001”

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