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A few guests don't shoot and are 'sitting on the fence' so to speak on gun ownership. What perception do I give them if they come here and I've got nothing but human silhouette and zombie targets all over the place?
Hmm... Now the zombie targets could seem a bit much. However I've taught my sister and several female friends of mine to shoot. Most of them... No forget that. ALL of them got interested in shooting as a form of personal protection first. Finding out if was fun came later. Not one of them balked at the human silhouette's. One of them even ask why we were aiming for center mass and didn't "shoot em in the head". I think in such cases its more about the mindset of the person wanting to shoot.
And for the people on the fence. Well if you can speak intelligently then it shouldn't be much of a problem. A long time ago the mother of a girl I was dateing asked why I would need "that" gun. And I calmly expained to her that I belive in overwhelming force when faced with a life or death confrontation. I will take any advantage I could get and use it to its full potential. Maybe I was less of a idiot that day because my awnser seemed to satisfy her.

I and the group of us that used to ride together have been politely asked to leave certain establishments cause the way we were dressed/looked. No trouble, no fuss...just peoples perception
Maybe they just had a dress code? I've been asked to leave to but I soon realised it wasn't the kind of restraunt you wear blue jeans to. (I had never been there before)
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