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I'm really partial to my polished stainless Rugers... while not "traditional", I do like the carry 6 feature... I have 3... all Montados, a pair I shoot CAS, & one I customized to a snubbie with buffalo horn birdshead grips ( to me, this is the ultimate belly gun ) I have several Blackhawks & Super Blackhawks... I've not had the chance to shoot a USFA, or a FA revolver, & not shot enough Colts or replicas to really appreciate any differences between the Rugers & those... the FA revolvers I've handled were really nice, I could see getting one for a big magnum caliber, but for the money on a standard caliber, I'm happy with the Rugers

one thing I like about Rugers "polished stainless" is it's a user maintainable finish... with the satin finish / bead blasted stainless finishes, holster wear, scratches, & dings, are not easy to fix... a little polish & the polished stainless looks like new again...

not that there is anything wrong with a nicely blued or case colored gun ( I actually prefer them ) they just aren't "shooters" guns like the polished stainless Rugers IMO
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