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Pyrodex Shmyrodex!

Okay, I just can't resist....
I tried Pyrodex when I arrived in a new town and couldn't find BP. The first time this happened was in 1994 and I was shooting ML Skeet with my double barrel 12 bore. After missing every target, an old hand at the club asked me what I was using, because it didn't sound right. He gave me some 2F BP and I started hitting targets. It was only then that I realized what a delay Pyrodex was giving me.
Since then, I have paid attention and can now hear the lag in igniting Pyrodex in my shotgun and cap'n ball revolvers. I will never go back to Pyro.
Call me a snob, or tell me that I didn't give it enough compression, or that I didn't use Magnum primers or whatever you like, but my rather thick-headed mind is made up: never again.
I also can't stand the fact that it is historically inaccurate and just panders to those who want to shoot without the realism/effort required to do it right.
Rant complete,
with all due regards,
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