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It's great that we all have... and are entitled to our own thoughts and perceptions/opinions of things happening around us.

One thing to remember , if the dreaded day ever comes when we find ourselves in front of a jury, those jurors (who, are incidently going to determine our fate) may not see things like we do....

....too, I do most all my shooting here at the house. There are family and guests that come here. A few guests don't shoot and are 'sitting on the fence' so to speak on gun ownership. What perception do I give them if they come here and I've got nothing but human silhouette and zombie targets all over the place?
Think I have much of a chance of convincing them that shooting is about fun and not just about SD?

Also, every couple that comes here has kids. I've got grand kids.
Again, do I want to introduce these kids into shooting with the perception of shooting human formed targets or do I want to teach them the art of shooting as a fun sport with targets such as balloons, targets that make noise etc.

Perception's a funny thing.

Having rode motorcycles for the last 35yrs. Having a few tatts. Used to have longer hair(it's falling out now ). I and the group of us that used to ride together have been politely asked to leave certain establishments cause the way we were dressed/looked. No trouble, no fuss...just peoples perception.
Funny thing was, a couple of the guys riding with us that looked the worse were undercover LEO's another was a CEO with GM.
Again, Perception.

Lastly, anyone who thinks perception hasn't/doesn't way heavily in a courtroom has never been around many courtrooms. Perception is the reason a good attorney takes his client that may be the worse, guilty piece of human flesh alive and on trial day, grooms them to look like they just stepped out of a monastery.

As gun owners, we need to think and be very careful what perception we emit.
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