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Yeah I wouldnt use " really pumped up hunting rounds". From what I can gather, if you stay under 180 grains in " non hot loaded hunting rounds" you are ok. I found that of the usual Walmart found 308 hunting rounds, Remington corelokt 150 grain grouped the best out of my rifle. I shoot these rounds very little, just enough to zero the rifle and hunt, so I'm not worried about it. Other than that, all I feed it is 7.62 NATO marked ammo ( because this rifle was designed to shoot that) or federal gmm. I can't see me getting my op rod bent any time soon. Matter of fact, we always talk about what ammo to feed the m1a, but I've never actually read about someone bending an op rod or anything else from shooting commercial hunting ammo. Maybe because all of us on here have heeded the advise. Maybe these guns are just plain hell for stout. Maybe someone will come along directly and tell stories of bent op rods........
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