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It has a brick interior wall where the gas stove is, so no worries about hitting the gas lines. I know the chances are slim but the chance is still there. I think it's my responsibility to take it into consideration. And getting the tank removed is in the works, but I have a feeling it may never happened. If it was my property, I would have removed it before I moved in. But it's a rental, so I have to wait. The stove does look nice, and the brick in the corner of the room does look well, very straight. But I still don't like having bottle gas. I've had carbon monoxide poisoning before, not the worst experience in a hospital but certainly not the most enjoyable. Plus the price is crazy expensive to get a tank filled. It will just never be used while I live here. So that takes me back to my question, what gun would you guys suggest? I know no one really has any information on what can penetrate a bottle tank in my backyard, but what would you guys use? To me, simply not worrying about it seems foolish. I'm leaning towards a 12 gauge shooting small shot. I'd normally use 000 but I don't know if that could penetrate a tank.
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