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the only diff. i can tell are a dual captive slide return spring , the stippling if you would call it that on the grip and the changeable backstraps on the gen 4 none of which are present on the gen3. I did hear that they had some issues at first with the new slide spring but that the issue was resolved. gen3 also is known to have a deal called the glock "pignose". Front end of the frame which is just the dust cover bends upward and on some touches the slide. Ive been told by glock armorers that its a production flaw, but never leads to any problems in function however, it an eye sore to me but then, so is a glock in some ways. This is not a known feature of gen4. I went with a gen 3 myself. I dont want the rough stippling to rub my side while i walk and the single spring is part of what made them so reliable in the first place so if it aint broke dont fix it. On the other hand, the gen4 is said to have a better grip feel due to the ability to customize it for your hand and they say theyve worked out the deal with the springs and theyre good to go now.
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