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.223 loads dissapointed accuracy
I have been reloading for a bit now. I picked up some Varget, 75gr A-maxs, 69 SMKs and 60 Gr V-max for my Colt 6520 16" AR15 1:7 C MP

A-MAXs: I loaded 23.5-25.5(pressure signs w/ 25.5 (LC brass fed match primers) with .5 increments on the varget. Best group 1.6" but as large as 3"

69 SMKS: 24-25.5-.5 increments (Win brass Fed match Primers) best was 24.5gr 1.5" group with as large as 3"

60 gr V-max: 24- 25.5 -.5 increments (win Brass Fed Match primers) best was .9" with 25 Gr.

I felt good about the V-MAXs but was really disappointed in the other two. Is this acceptable accuracy for that particular rifle with those loads?
I guess deep down I was hoping to see consistent sub 1 MOA groups. My .308 remington VTR has spoiled me I guess. Averages .58" groups with my accurate loads.

Also I was given an old box of .308 mil ammo. Cases read 68 as in 1968!! they look something like 147 grainers to me. Are they safe to shoot in my rem 700? "

Nuff people talk'en/tell'en about your .223/5.56.

To the more important items, .308 /7.62 ammunition.
The head stamps, the number '68'. Is there anything else? Like 'LC' or 'TW' or 'W' or 'RA' and maybe a plus in a circle? Also it could have an orange tip, or green or black tipped bullet. If it does, the brass is most likely GI and with a colored bullet tip, it too would be GI. I wouldn't have any problem shooting it.


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