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Spreewerke P.38

I was recently given a P.38 that was found in the bottom of an old trunk, probably been there for at least 50 years. It must have been brought back from WWII by my grandfather, who passed away many years ago. It's in pretty rough condition, but probably salvageable. It was in the original German army leather holster, so there's a fair amount of rust on the surface where the gun was touching the leather. I've managed, with a healthy amount of WD-40, to get the trigger, hammer, and safety working almost up to par, but I've been unable to get the slide to cycle back to disassemble it for more thorough cleaning and inspection. The slide starts to move, probably a sixteenth of an inch, then stops dead. Having no experience with this model of pistol, I have no idea what could be stopping the slide from cycling. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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