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I did admit that the Hogue stock was heavier than the flimsy one that came with the rifle, but I really like the ergonomics. It feels good in the hands and has a moderate palmswell - which I like. I also did look up several other stock types and in that price range the weight differences weren't significant. As for laminated wood stocks, the standard ones I've seen and handled are rather heavy. Again, what I wanted was a good stock that was well bedded and would allow an instant drop-in of my Ruger Short Action. I didn't want a Boyd's that I have to fiddle with or have somebody else fiddle with it to get it fit and bedded. I wanted and got instant gratification for a moderate price. I could have gotten more stock, and a lighter synthetic stock, for somewhere between $500 and $600. If this was my absolute primary rifle, I might have done that, but this is my front pasture, by the front door, varmint rifle and the back-up rifle for my super tackdriver 220 Swift. I got what I wanted and I am very satisfied. And, for info sake, I got it from Cabela's catalog, which is also online.
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