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I have a modern bolt gun, relatively speaking. It is a Savage 110 from the early 90's I'd guess, chambered in 22-250. It was my grandfather's varmint gun, that I so graciously acquired from him last year. Oddly enough --at lease to me-- it is a long-action bolt. My problem herein lies that the 2 piece weaver bases I got for it barely keeps the rings on the tube ends of the scope. The front is so to the extreme front and the rear to the extreme back. There is no room to adjust the scope forwards or backwards to accommodate comfortable eye relief. The scope I'm mounting is a new Nikon Prostaff 4x12x40.

I'm not even sure what lapping is and i don't know about the green loctite. I use blue loctite on my base screws and ring screws. I am anal about getting my crosshairs level, so I use a vise and levels. That is all the more extreme I get with it.

The only purpose of the rifle is for hunting, so if I can get my groups in the vitals of an animal, I'm pleased with the accuracy.

Thanks again! My wife can now stop hearing "honey, no one is replying to my post "
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