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Top .38spl picks...

I'd look at a Ruger SP101 stainless snub in .38spl +P. I'd opt for a few custom upgrades from Gemini Customs, . The cool Hybraport, DAO/DA only & trigger work are top notch.
Other slick snubs include the "total Ti" Taurus Protector, the S&W 442/642 and the 638.
I like DA only carry guns & prefer the option of DA-SA for some snubs so they could be fired one-handed or due to injury, single action.

The Charter Arms "Southpaw" .38spl was cool, but I heard it was no longer produced.
I'm left-handed.

PS: I like the .357magnum Ruger LCR, I'd buy it too when I could. It seems robust & light. A CT lasergrip would be a good J frame add-on.
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