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Progress is trading one nuisance for another !!

Some folks wrap their breech plug with Telfon thread sealing tape and then also use anti-seize grease. The tape stops the powder residue from blowing back into the threads which can seize the plug.
It's worth repeating what is happening here, on removable breech plugs. When you fire your rifle, the barrel expands, just enough to allow hot gasses to travel along the threads. Then it resets and the "crud" builds up in the threads. This is especially true with the use of 777. The lable reads; Easy Cleaning Muzzleloading Propellant. Hey, not so easy !! ....

I use a good Copper based anti-seize. It fills and coats the threads with copper. The gasses and crud, still come through but but do not stick to the threads. When I remove the plugs I get a lot of crud shavings and the threads are still coated with the copper. I have never have a frozen breech plug except those that I inherited. .....

Be Safe !!!
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