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Not lost; just a might confused for a time

Those things happen when you get distracted during loading. Make it a practice to never answer a question or acknowledge anyone in the middle of loading. It's no insult to say, "Be with you in a second.", finish loading and THEN answer the question.
Absolutely and if you load long enough, you will get a Dry-Ball, along with other silly stuff. Mostly just lose your place. ....
During last Saturday's hunter safety class, we had a large number of students and as usual, I do most of the talking and all of the loading. When I start loading, I tell the students to save any questions till we finished shooting. I had to load two M/L's to keep up. Even at that, a couple of times I lost track of what was loaded and not. More than once, I had to refer to my marked range-rod. Same range-rod with two marks. ...

Be Safe !!!
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